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A radio station filled with medical programming that triages, bandages operates and provides practical understanding of our medical needs via the best expert led advice. Not some online site designed to spam the user with 3rd party advertising. WILD Doctor is a patient first, professional care voice who you can actually access, rather than waiting for the doctor's office to pick up the phone, rather than being #67 in the chatbot queue, rather than worrying about a health based issue you don't understand nor know how to seek advice. Moreover, this is the chance to use radio to create a programme of positive, lifestyle education… live, now, on your phone.
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It's very old fashioned but it's suddenly very necessary to provide remote learning. Kids who cannot access the best schools, the best resources or even a school building, can access digital radio where a class of specialist teachers await them. Distance learning via their phones, via live voices, who will soon know all the names in the class.
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The earth needs saving. No one will believe, either until it's all over or we educate the world on planet saving concepts. Here it is. The world's first radio station playing everything (an atlas on the radio, nature, conservation, people, animals, weather, cultures, places, solutions) about the place we live in; to teach us all the things we should know; to teach us better housekeeping; to teach us rescue techniques and sustainability and, to teach us respect for the only home we have.
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Every bank and financial institution on the planet knows the importance of financial inclusion. We all need money knowledge and advice. WILD Cash is the new go to school of cash, investment, risk, reward and sustainable solutions which can empower us all to safer financial futures.

Branded Digital Radio for people, to educate, inform and be there for them.

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