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Own and Control!

Why buy media from broadcasters when you can own your own? Why entrust the sound of your brand to others when you can make your own, and allow your audience, your customers, to participate, to interpret, to engage, to star in your sound, via their mobile phones. WILD gives your brand independence. No more media fees, no more risk. WILD is the populist, imaged, digital radio solution for brands in 2022!

Custom Performance

We'll design a WILD sound environment, let's call it your brand's 'radio' station; image it to sound terrific and fill it with the music your users like. Then we'll dissect your IP to find all the elements with which we can make radioART, creating custom content and interactive experiences with the substance of your brand. Chances are you already have an active social media following; just wait till we expose them to the original, sound-based content of your brand's new 'radio' station!

APP & Socials

Your audience gets your brand in-store, and can then take it home with them on your app. It's their new, free, music and infotainment provider, made by your brand and from which, there is no escape!
Plus, you'll now have bespoke sound to complement the pics on your socials!

Community First

Radio does it, social media does it, now your brand can build a user community in sound, providing unique brand-based content, user experiences and opening the avenue to UGC, user generated content.

Made by Radio People

We're radio programming specialists who have rocked commercial radio, still do, for over 25 years. We've found a new way. Instead of perpetuating exhausted broadcast philosophy and infrastructure, we've embraced digital, allowing us to freely apply our independent programming skills to create radioART for our clients.

Branded Digital Radio for Mobile and In-store, to make your audience, move!

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