The Fly!

This is why TMGS Creative loves holding down Africa, as a source and supplier of African programming and imaging, proudly representing the continent which spawned... MAN!

Listen to this raw recording (starring TMGS Creative represented voice talent: Chris) from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania...

Nowhere else in the world does the Fly, get the job!

...and then this

TMGS Creative have expertise in programming your brand for radio broadcast in AFRICA!

We work with African and international brands and radio stations to create campaigns designed around African utilities understanding local conditions and revelling in the possibilties which Africa's most populist medium still affords. If you need to get your brand on the radio in any of the 53 territories, TMGS Creative can program, image, produce and publish your engagement with direct links to the radio stations you need.

Moreover, TMGS Creative specialises in harnessing the power of Africa's new Mobile communication's culture to build  creative which is interactive and compelling. We don't use agencies, we don't sub contract, we go direct to the station owners, do the deals and produce the campaign (with our own people on the ground in each territory) in its entirety, to guarantee the fidelity of our work and the reputation of your product.

Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika!