STOP the Traffic!

We design radio programming which hijacks peoples' homes, their day, their jobs, their cars, their lives. We program radio campaigns for the streets! We use helicopters (when people hear a chopper, they all run outside to see, right?) to give us a radio studio with a proper view! Now, watch, from high up above, how a brand's own resources (in this case, their own bread trucks which cost 'em nothing) can be used to take down a city and get the brand's campaign into the audiences' faces! 

And the radio station running this promotion took over the whole scene, screwing up those twee traffic reports on other stations and forcing their fans to come to the brand's station, to find out what they were missing: Snoop Dogg arriving for his concert, which the brand were sponsoring, with a convoy of 20 trucks to carry his bling. City disturbed? Check. Performance? Check. Contextualised? Check. Audience affected. Hell yeah!

Call the cops Mr President, cos no one is goin home!